SERPS: Why are SERPS so important for your Google rankings?

When it comes to the creation of websites and the associated search engine optimization , SERPs are reported again and again. But not every webmaster can immediately do something with this designation. It should therefore be explained in more detail, because the SERP position in Google search is of the utmost importance for success. For this reason, a SERP definition follows first. The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Result Pages”. So it is the pages with the search results that appear after entering a search term. But why are they so important and how can results be influenced? You will find answers below. 

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What are SERPs? 

To put it simply, they are the result pages that are displayed to the user when he enters a term in the Google search. However, these consist of different areas. That’s why we talk about different SERP types. The Google Ads are usually listed in the upper area. These are also search results, but they cost the operator money. The webmaster can book the popular ads on Google. If a corresponding search query is made, Google always also displays the paid advertisements. This is how Google makes a lot of money. Therefore, seo companies in Dubai can also offer the entire search for every user free of charge. These paid ads used to be called Google AdWords.  

However, the paid ads have nothing to do with organic traffic at all. Organic hits are those pages that are classified as matching the search query based on their content. However, these results are free. Therefore, most webmasters strive to design their pages in such a way that they are search engine optimized . To do this, suitable keywords or, even better, long-tail keywords must be found and integrated into the page content. You can use a keyword generator to find keywords that match your topic. This creates suitable long-tail keywords for you, which are based on the search terms already provided. This is of elementary importance in order to achieve a good organic search result. 

There are also a few other features on the SERPS. This includes the SERP snippets. However, these do not only consist of text, they can also be tables, lists or videos. Their eye-catching appearance encourages users to click on them. In order to enjoy this, your site should definitely be found in the first five places in the organic search results. Google usually pulls the SERP snippets from these pages itself. The only influence you can exert on this is to achieve the best possible search result. 

There are usually other features on the search results pages, but these do not necessarily lead to more traffic on your landing page. There the Image Pack or the Knowledge Pack would be mentioned. These look very interesting and your pages can even appear in them, but when you click on them, the user gets to Google Images or Google News and only then can he visit your page directly. 

Why are SERPs important? 

There is a fairly simple answer to this question. You have certainly used Google search very often to find content or information that is important to you. You will have noticed that there are usually several million hits for the search query. However, only the first page is particularly interesting. It usually lists ten URLs from the organic search. There are usually a few Google Ads marked with the word “Advertisement” at the top. Since these are advertisements, in most cases they do not get clicked. For most users, the organic search results are important. These offer neutral information because they are not advertised directly. 

 According to statistics published by Google, around 75 percent of all users click on the first three entries in the organic search result list. Only about 25 percent click on results below that. The second result page is hardly ever opened. Therefore, it plays almost no role. Therefore, your primary goal should always be to get to page 1 of the SERPS. Even if your website appears at the bottom, you have at least the slightest chance that your website will be visited by interested parties. If you have reached this result page, you have already reached an important goal. Then it’s all about ranking higher. You can usually do this by in-depth optimization of your page content.  

It is important to optimize the keywords again, or rather the long-tail keywords. You should also take the help of a backlink checker. You can find such tools on the internet. Many of them are even free. However, it is important for a good ranking to know the backlinks. These are the links that point to yours from other websites. These are particularly important for the evaluation by Google. 

Sometimes it also helps to improve the description of your website. Not only your URL and the name of the website are displayed on the search results pages of Google. Below you will also find a short description, which is called the meta description. It should definitely contain the long-tail keyword. In addition, the user should immediately recognize what your website is about. 

What are the advantages of SERPs? 

The Search Engine Result Pages offer the great advantage of having an overview of the ranking of your own website. If you put a lot of effort into designing your web presence and wonder why there are so few visitors, it may be due to a bad ranking. Most users search online for offers of all kinds. It is completely irrelevant whether they are looking for an online shop or a local search for a craftsman in the vicinity. As already mentioned, mostly only the first three places in the search result list are clicked. If your URL doesn’t appear there, your site doesn’t get frequent visits. 

In the SERPs you will find exact information about the position in which your website ranks. You don’t even have to search for your site yourself. You can also determine the current ranking position in the Google Search Console. A good organic search result is particularly valuable because it is from permanent stock. You do not need to pay any fees to Google for the page views and you will benefit from numerous page visitors in the long term. If you use Google Ads, you can still rank higher in the list, but if your budget is used up, your page will fall very far down. 

How can the placement in the SERPS be improved? 

In the search results, you can see where your page ranks. But this knowledge is of little use to you if you do not know exactly how you can improve the ranking. Often you have no choice but to take another close look at your SEO measures . Did you determine the long-tail keywords correctly and insert them into the page content at the best positions? Are there enough backlinks and links to other sites? You should ask yourself such questions and make changes if necessary. However, modifications usually only take effect after six months or even longer.  

 You should also look at your technical SEO . The display on mobile devices is particularly important. For example, if you use a design that is not responsive, i.e. does not adapt to the screen size, then your website will lose positions. Especially after the latest Google update, the motto is: “Mobile First”. This means that websites that do not display well on smartphones do not achieve high rankings even with optimized content. It is therefore advisable to take a closer look at the loading time. Many websites still have room for improvement in this area. 

It is definitely recommended to use a SERP checker to keep an eye on the current ranking position. If you cannot find the necessary time for these measures, it is advisable to hire an agency to do it. If an SEO c creates and maintains your website, they will also keep an eye on the results in the SERPS. Here you get all information about our free SEO Check.

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