SEO Company in Dubai reveals 5 Design Trends For Better Website Conversion

Last year, 2020, was amazing. People are wondering what astounding web design trends will be in this year. And lots of experts and website designers have shared their views regarding this topic. This is not only about creativity; this is also about making an assessment of the industry. Taking stock of it is essential to bring on something useful for users. Brand AdvoKates, an SEO Company in Dubai, reveals the latest design trends that helps in bringing more customers and sales for the business.

  1. Web animation

As per experts, animation is the door that allows getting all across easier. Animation must adjust to today’s times, where everybody seems to be always on the go. With it, you are able to convey the most complex ideas in a matter of seconds, very quickly. Good web animation ensures timely and engaging information. 

The essential tool of web animation is basically storytelling and personality. These two factors serve as a lure to attract more visitors. As a result, animation is gaining ground even more than ever. This element adds personality to the brand and makes any website look more dynamic. Animators are absolutely going places in the digital world nowadays. Check here to contact top-notch animators and designers for your business webpage. 

Besides, there are other programs that are setting the tone for web designing in Dubai right now. You can check on internet to take a look at the wide variety of the latest design tools. 

2. More adventurous colors

Bold colors were unpopular years ago but they are trendy. One of the greatest examples of this is the Premier League‘s branding scheme between 2016-2017. Designers used the DesignStudio theme for this platform. This design aims to go back to the former identity, making visualization more striking. The design will not only focus on the website internal apps but also on the colors to make visitors feel as though they were at the pitch. The incorporation of social media, billboards and bold colors are all the rage. Yet, there are obviously more adds-on unmentioned here.

3. Inventive typography

According to most web designers, another trend right now is the inventive typography. Its use has been broadening since 2016. 

Apparently, the bigger this element becomes, the better and more powerful is in the battle for the eyeballs. Certainly, styles like Helvetica are still in vogue but that doesn’t mean that designers don’t dare branch out to other sorts of typefaces. It is believed that serif and sans-serifs will be in vogue from this year on. They are generally added in GIF form to increase dynamism. 

Danbury website was the first to display typography. Letters have become bigger to improve legibility factor. 

4. Standardization of design tools

Last year, in 2017, many developers came out with new apps, tools and features very similar to Adobe XD, Axure, InVision and Vectr. Not to mention Sketch, which includes an open file format. This format is highly recommended and viewed as a total game changer. You can get more insight into the new Sketch version here. 

5. Data storytelling

Experts defined 2017 as great for the world of web design. This is because we are in front of a boom that involves data representation, 3D technology and high-quality animated visualizations. Now, many companies have an appetite for 3d perspective. All this information, however, must look beautiful and visually digestible, otherwise it would be useless.

This is what designers have defined as storytelling, which consists in conveying huge volumes of information in a more engaging way to the new kind of audience. The purpose of this design is the transmission of information with a great level of effectiveness. This data must be conveyed as simply as possible also. What today’s designers are doing is to combine images, palettes and bold typography. 

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