How to manifest anything you want with ease?

How to manifest anything you want with ease?

Of magic and miracles. It just sounds beyond delicious, right? Who wants more magic? Me please! Miracles? Me again please! I’ve been knee deep in learning, exploring and experiencing the art and true amazingness of manifesting what I want.

A few days ago I woke up and really thought about where I was a year ago that day.What’s funny about it, is that on that day in particular, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but even amidst all of that, I felt called to reflect upon the difference 365 days has made.

And let me tell you – a difference indeed they’ve made. 

May 2013: very single and recently out of a very heavy relationship
May 2014: in a relationship that has exceeded any expectation I’ve ever had of one

May 2013: living in a studio (albeit adorable and cozy) alone with no natural light
May 2014: living in a luxury building with Gena in an apartment with epic views and more natural light than I know what to do with

May 2013: craving a community of sister entrepreneurs like whoa
May 2014: feel super close with quality NYC-based women business owners + part of Nisha Moodley’s Freedom Mastermind

May 2013: didn’t feel totally aligned with my business
May 2014: feel hugely aligned with my business and clear on next steps

Of course, there are things that haven’t changed that much, things that are still very much in progress, and other things that have, dare I say, regressed. But still, if someone said to me in May 2013 that my life would look like it does now in May 2014, I would have thought they had lost their mind – why? because I NEVER would have believed that some of these things would have ever been possible – especially in such a short amount of time.

So here’s my super simple recipe to easy breezy manifesting: 

1. Know what you want – the clearer the better. And better yet, write it down on paper somewhere. You don’t need to look at it all day, or even everyday. But be sure to (a) know what you want (b) write it down on paper.

2. Chill out. I am so not good at this. Maybe it’s the native New Yorker in me or it’s just not one of my personal strengths, but chilling out is not something that comes naturally to me. It’s actually something I need to work on every single day. Yes, I need to work hard to chill out. Life’s little ironies.

3. Surrender. This doesn’t mean to stop wanting what you want. Still want it, but don’t be in a mindset of needing it. Approach it with a “wouldn’t it be so awesomely super cool if….” mindset. Feel excited, not desperate.

4. Live life as though what you want is a sure thing. Again, it’s a sure thing because you want it – not because you need it. So what do you need to do to prepare for 5 more clients? Have more money in the bank? Have a more relaxed schedule? What are the steps you can start taking today to bring you closer to being ready for your impending new reality?

So tell me – what are you currently manifesting? And what steps are you taking to prep for it’s impending arrival? Feel free to respond to this email and let me know. I’d love to hear what kinds of magic and miracles are on their way to you.

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