Is the Large Walk Behind Mower more comfortable than a Push Mower?

Is the Large Walk Behind Mower more comfortable than a Push Mower?

Lawn Mower for Large Walk Behind Mower

An electric lawn mower uses a type of internal combustion engine, also called an internal combustion engine. For the operation of the cutter, it is necessary for the explosion of fuel to occur, such as gasoline, which will be generated by a spark. In this way, it transforms the chemical energy resulting from the combustion into mechanical energy so that the large walk behind the lawn mower does its job. Unlike an electric lawn mower, the large walk behind lawn mower has a longer range as it does not use cables and generally has larger motors, with more hp.

When purchasing a large walk behind lawn mower machine, take into account the use that will be given to it and receive from the seller the necessary technical advice to know the power that will be required and the type of mower. There are several sizes of motors and cutters. Motors generally range from 3.5 hp to 7 hp (home use machines – semi-professional). The width of the cut, usually measured in inches, is also a variable to consider. Remember that the bigger the motor, the less effort it will make when mowing.

large and cheap walk behind mower

There is a variety of large walk behind lawn mowers: This means that the mower advances by itself (generally from 0 to 5 km / h), in order not to have to use too much force when cutting.

Another point to take into account is the grass collection basket if it has or has a side discharge, its capacity, etc.

The fuel is generally gasoline-naphtha. The oil to use depends on whether the mower is 2-stroke or 4-stroke.

Types of a lawn mower:

These types of the best commercial walk behind mower 2021 vary according to:

When starting, some models require manual starting by pulling a crank or cord. Other models offer electric ignition that facilitates the ignition of the internal combustion engine.

As a throttle type, some models feature a manual throttle control in order to regulate the speed of the large walk behind the lawn mower during operation. Other models come with the factory default speed.

When cutting the blades. It can be vertical or rotary cut and reel cut, also called a cylinder.

To the type of engine, some large walk behind lawn mower lawn mowers uses a 4-stroke engine, because it requires 4 times for the piston to complete its combustion cycle. Other series have a 2-stroke engine because it takes two times to complete the combustion cycle. Depending on whether it is a four-stroke or two-stroke engine, we will have to put the oil (which lubricates) separately or together with the gasoline, as in the case of 2-stroke engines.

When using a bag with a large walk behind lawn mower, which is where the grass is automatically collected in some models.

walk behind mower

Parts of a lawn mower for large walk behind lawn mowers:

A blast mower consists of the following parts:

Air filter: allows a constant flow of air, achieving good combustion.

Motor: it is in charge of supplying the power to the cutter.

Bearings: allows relative rotation between the internal parts of the cutter.

Straps: facilitate the work of the wheels.

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Find out the best vacuum cleaner under 100 in the UK?

Find out the best vacuum cleaner under 100 in the UK?

How much time do you usually spend cleaning and vacuuming?

There are people who prefer to take a daily pass, while others, when they start cleaning, like to do it thoroughly and without leaving a single room.

A corded canister vacuum may not be worth taking out for a few minutes. Here you could use, the best cordless vacuum cleaner under 100, which is always ready to vacuum as if they were a broom.

Depending on the time you spend vacuuming, the battery can be a more or less important factor

The vacuum cleaner does not solve the problem of your pet’s hair.

best vacuum cleaner under 100 uk

The long hair of some pets can be an obstacle to living with your own pet. Nobody likes to see hairs on the floor, couches, or car seats.

Removing the hairs is a lot of work. It is a task that has no end. You have not finished vacuuming them when they appear again.

What problems do hairs cause too many vacuum cleaners?

  • They don’t have enough power to vacuum them – on carpets and upholstery, they stick together and make efforts almost useless.
  • They suck them in, but they get tangled in the brush – if the hairs are long, they eventually collapse the brush and force you to stop, pull it out and clean it.
  • They don’t allow you to get to all the places and holes where there are hairs – the hairs end up scattered everywhere, not just in the places where your pet rests or plays.

How to know if the vacuum cleaner has enough autonomy?

Maximum autonomy is never achieved with maximum power: they are opposites. When you maximize one, the other value is minimized.

It means that the 50 – 60 minutes indicated refer to when you use the best vacuum cleaner under 100 UK, at the minimum power, which is not always the most suitable for cleaning.

From here on, autonomy decreases, and perhaps very abruptly.

There are cordless vacuum cleaners that only suck a few minutes at full power.

best vacuum cleaner under 100 uk

Factors influencing the autonomy of the best cordless vacuum cleaner under 100 *

In addition to the power mode, there are other factors that reduce the usage time:

  1. Accessory that you place to vacuum: A corner unit is not the same as a motorized brush, which consumes energy with its own motor.
  2. Type of surface: For example, on carpets the friction is greater, and the vacuum cleaner is forced to consume an extra battery. It is the same as an uphill car, which consumes more fuel to travel the same distance than if it goes on the flat.
  3. The suction losses: which force you to increase the power when you see that the best vacuum cleaner under 100 euro has little force.

(*) Except for accessories, the same happens in a robot vacuum cleaner under 100.

Obviously, in corded vacuum cleaners, you will not have a problem with autonomy, although you will have other inconveniences, such as vacuuming your pet’s hair, which can be more complicated due to the structure of the best vacuum cleaner under 100, more difficult to maneuver.

Order now, these affordable and the best vacuum cleaner under 100, from Vacuum Cleaners Best.

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How to clean vinyl plank floors in just one hour?

How to clean vinyl plank floors in just one hour?

Best Vacuums for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

A robot vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors is limited to the floor, although you can program it so that floors are spotless with minimal effort. Most models have a high-efficiency filter, which does the same function as a HEPA filter, without being technically so.

Another option is cordless vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors. Because in these vacuum cleaners, the cord did not disturb you while cleaning the floor. You can easily clean every spot of the floor and no corner will be left when using these vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors is a very efficient way, but there is something wrong with it!

If it is not comfortable for you, it does not matter if it is powerful, or that it has many accessories.

It is key that the vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors adapts to the person or people who are going to use it.

  • Why does an older person want a robot with the most advanced app if they don’t know how to use it?
  • Have you ever thought that an upright vacuum can be too heavy for your mother?
  • Why buy a corded vacuum cleaner if you never have the time (or the desire) to take it out of the closet?
  • If cleaning the filters is complicated, it is enough to make you lazy to take them out and put them back

Too heavy a vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

There are vacuum cleaners that are much heavier than others, and that to go up and downstairs is not the best option if you do not have enough strength.

best vacuums for vinyl plank floors

If you have arthritis or any injury that prevents you from lifting, a robot vacuum is the best vacuums for vinyl plank floors because it does everything by itself.

Cleaning the filters is complicated, unhygienic, and must be done frequently

When the vacuum cleaner is well designed, the filters are easy to clean, and the tank does not need to be disassembled. In addition, they tend to be more efficient in the filtering stages: you don’t have to clean them every time you use them.

At the opposite extreme are those that force you to touch the dirt, which you practically have to wash after each use if you want the vacuum cleaner not to lose power every day.

The worst thing is having to disassemble the tank and remove various parts that must be washed and cleaned by hand. Not only do you waste time, but you end up breathing in the dust that was on the ground.

If cleaning or washing filters bothers you, you might want to invest a little more in the vacuum cleaner.

best vacuums for vinyl plank floors

The battery life of these vacuum cleaners is very short for the cleaning of for luxury vinyl plank floors. You cannot complete all the rooms at one time.

With the autonomy of a vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors, it is the same as with power. The data that you are going to see in the description of the product is always the most flattering.

Battery-powered is not exactly an advantage for many cordless vacuum cleaners and robots.

  • Why does the battery last so short?
  • Is the manufacturer cheating you with those 60 minutes it promised?
  • What factors influence the autonomy of a cordless vacuum cleaner?

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SEO Company in Dubai reveals 5 Design Trends For Better Website Conversion

Last year, 2020, was amazing. People are wondering what astounding web design trends will be in this year. And lots of experts and website designers have shared their views regarding this topic. This is not only about creativity; this is also about making an assessment of the industry. Taking stock of it is essential to bring on something useful for users. Brand AdvoKates, an SEO Company in Dubai, reveals the latest design trends that helps in bringing more customers and sales for the business.

  1. Web animation

As per experts, animation is the door that allows getting all across easier. Animation must adjust to today’s times, where everybody seems to be always on the go. With it, you are able to convey the most complex ideas in a matter of seconds, very quickly. Good web animation ensures timely and engaging information. 

The essential tool of web animation is basically storytelling and personality. These two factors serve as a lure to attract more visitors. As a result, animation is gaining ground even more than ever. This element adds personality to the brand and makes any website look more dynamic. Animators are absolutely going places in the digital world nowadays. Check here to contact top-notch animators and designers for your business webpage. 

Besides, there are other programs that are setting the tone for web designing in Dubai right now. You can check on internet to take a look at the wide variety of the latest design tools. 

2. More adventurous colors

Bold colors were unpopular years ago but they are trendy. One of the greatest examples of this is the Premier League‘s branding scheme between 2016-2017. Designers used the DesignStudio theme for this platform. This design aims to go back to the former identity, making visualization more striking. The design will not only focus on the website internal apps but also on the colors to make visitors feel as though they were at the pitch. The incorporation of social media, billboards and bold colors are all the rage. Yet, there are obviously more adds-on unmentioned here.

3. Inventive typography

According to most web designers, another trend right now is the inventive typography. Its use has been broadening since 2016. 

Apparently, the bigger this element becomes, the better and more powerful is in the battle for the eyeballs. Certainly, styles like Helvetica are still in vogue but that doesn’t mean that designers don’t dare branch out to other sorts of typefaces. It is believed that serif and sans-serifs will be in vogue from this year on. They are generally added in GIF form to increase dynamism. 

Danbury website was the first to display typography. Letters have become bigger to improve legibility factor. 

4. Standardization of design tools

Last year, in 2017, many developers came out with new apps, tools and features very similar to Adobe XD, Axure, InVision and Vectr. Not to mention Sketch, which includes an open file format. This format is highly recommended and viewed as a total game changer. You can get more insight into the new Sketch version here. 

5. Data storytelling

Experts defined 2017 as great for the world of web design. This is because we are in front of a boom that involves data representation, 3D technology and high-quality animated visualizations. Now, many companies have an appetite for 3d perspective. All this information, however, must look beautiful and visually digestible, otherwise it would be useless.

This is what designers have defined as storytelling, which consists in conveying huge volumes of information in a more engaging way to the new kind of audience. The purpose of this design is the transmission of information with a great level of effectiveness. This data must be conveyed as simply as possible also. What today’s designers are doing is to combine images, palettes and bold typography. 

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Find Out How To Gift Your Boss Kitchen Knife Sets With 8 Amazing Tips

Find Out How To Gift Your Boss Kitchen Knife Sets With 8 Amazing Tips

If you are in doubt about a gift for a boss and don’t want to make a mistake or a faux pas when choosing, We are Bahm prepared a post full of ideas to help you in the task.

Regardless of the occasion, giving gifts to those we admire is always an important milestone to strengthen ties and put an end to everyday discomforts. Come with us to learn some ideas and find out what your boss will like .

Before choosing the item, see some necessary tips

  • Gifts for a boss must respect the respect for cooperative relationships, not forgetting the human characteristics of the person who hired you: what would be useful in this person’s daily life?
  • The most expensive gift is not always the most suitable in these cases, after all, the idea conveyed may not be the most positive: opt for the practical and necessary.
  • If expensive items can convey a negative idea, the cheaper ones are not very suitable either, after all, who likes to receive products of dubious quality? Choose parts with their own manufacture and attention to the raw material used.
  • If your boss likes to enjoy good times with friends or family, cutlery items are usually excellent options , after all, they can be used during meals and on special occasions.

Ready to learn more about the subject? Follow the reading and enjoy to impress him!

1. Knife sets

The first item on the list pleases all cutlery consumers, and on the subject, at Ritzy Knives tey understand it well and can present some suggestions. If your intention is to make a practical choice that contributes to your chef’s routine, a good barbecue kit is the right option that appeals to different audiences and tastes.

There are also possibilities for unique products with uniquely designed blades and sheaths, surprising those who receive them: are you going to say that you would not like to receive one too?

In case you have any doubts about which models to choose, we have prepared a complete post about the Damascus steel knives options you need or give as a gift to a special someone: see more!

2. Good Beverages

The next idea that is highlighted is the possibility of expensive beverages as a gift, but before this bet, it’s worth checking if your boss really consumes this type of drink.

One of the main strengths of this option is the possibility of combining it with the previous indication , after all, who doesn’t like a quality menu and meal with the family?

3. Office objects

Here’s a practical tip for you who want to hit on a practical option for your boss’s routine, we just warn you about the quality of selected office objects.

Although these items are generally accessible to the pocket of those who buy, it is worth investing in gifts designed to keep the recipient’s desk more organized and with stationery products with differentials and refined aspects.

If you’ve liked the tips so far, but still want to check out others, follow Cimo on this reading.

4. Cutlery Accessories

The fourth tip hits the hearts of those looking for a gift with great chance of success, because cutlery accessories are essential items in the home of every Brazilian who enjoys good times with the family.

You can also opt for claws, ribbed chairs, barbecue forks and essential products to make the culinary experience of those who hired you even more special. Don’t miss this opportunity to impress him!

5. Coffee Grinders

This item pleases loyal coffee consumers, from the most routine national beans to special options for export.

If your boss is a man or woman with good taste and enjoys a nice cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to give a grinder, offering a great experience in your day-to-day as well as in your leisure time.

6. Options in agenda

The next indication on our list points to a product present in the routine of 9 out of 10 people in the corporate world, after all, being up to date with the tasks is a maxim .

And we at Cimo understand that digital versions of calendars currently exist, but nothing replaces physical notes, protected from any system updates.

Important, isn’t it?

7. Ties

The seventh indication bets on a personal product, which offers a slightly greater risk in success, as ties are formal clothing items in a wide variety of choices. If this is your selection, look for smooth items with a suitable fit in different compositions, from those in corporate environments to even at the firm’s happy hour .

Now, if you are looking for a gift for a boss in models with bold design , stay tuned for the next tip: it’s surprising!

8. Knives

The eighth topic closes with a golden key the indications that Cimo Cutelaria has set aside for you: knives are very useful accessories for multifunctional people, who with only 1 item are able to do various activities.

Today, there are options on the market with detailed sheaths, self-manufactured blades and even special drives for those who value safety in modern routines .

Offer your boss the best that day, betting on good relationships and closer ties.

Did you like this content? Leave a comment with your opinion or question below. Enjoy and keep following us on the blog.

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4 Must-Haves For Your Car and Parking Shades in Dubai

4 Must-Haves For Your Car and Parking Shades in Dubai

Well, we’ve decided to see what life hacks can help you to be better prepared before you brave your daily commute or get your family together and hit the streets in hot humid season of Dubai where the car parkin shades are burning out. Just as Shelter Tent car park shades are embracing the heat of UAE.

1. Nail Polish Remover

If you live in a place with a lot of trees, you will love this Nail Polish Remover Life Hack. Just put a dab of nail polish remover on a rag and use a little elbow grease to remove the juice from your windshield. This is a tip that can save car owners a lot of time, frustration, and money as many juice removers are expensive.

Disclaimer: You can also use this tip on the body of your car. However, you should be more careful about how much product you use as you don’t want to strip the paint off.

2. Hanging shoe rack

Another life hack that might come in handy on the road is using an old hanging shoe rack for organization in the car. This is an especially useful trick if you have children as children are difficult to organize. Just take the hangers from those old shoe racks or other pocket-style closet organizers and replace them with a rope or heavy string. Hang them over the back of your passenger seat or driver to hold most of your kids’ toys and any cleaning supplies they need. This is also a great idea for someone on a long road trip or someone who lives in a region with bad weather as you can easily store hats, ponchos, sunscreen and more.

3. Muffin

Believe it or not, a must-have for your car this season is a muffin case or cupcake holder. The silicone muffin cups are best to use, but disposable paper or wax cups will also work. These will keep your car looking new and clean. They fit right in your cup holder to protect your car from the occasional crowded bar. No longer do you have to hide those unsightly brown rings that collect dust and other debris. You can even choose everyone’s favorite colors for their own personalized cup holders. You can find these at pretty much any grocery store, and they vary in price. In general, you can buy a pack of 75 to 100 paper liners for less than $ 5, so these are quite inexpensive too.

4. Cat Litter and Rock Salt

Bonus tip: You can also use cat litter to keep the interior of your car dry in humid climates, as it will keep out the moisture which can become a real problem if left unchecked. Just put some trash in a sock and tie it up. Put it under a seat or on the dashboard and it will soak up moisture in the air.

Another great hack in life is to keep a small bag of rock salt and a bag of cat litter in your car as these two together can save you in the winter. While you probably won’t melt yourself out of a jam with rock salt alone, having a small bag of salt can be very helpful, especially if you’re stuck on the ice. Adding cat litter is a great trick to add traction to your tires in icy situations. Find out more tips here.

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What to do when you’re scared out of your mind (my most vulnerable post yet)

What to do when you’re scared out of your mind (my most vulnerable post yet)

And we’re back! The homebody in me has never been happier. As much as our trip to Hong Kong was a mega adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience, there’s nothing more wonderful than coming home to your cozy couch, a homemade green smoothie, and your own bed. Can I get an AMEN?

Shortly after we arrived home, I snuck a picture of Gena with our cat Gray. I think both of them were super happy we were home too.

Part of the reason I was so glad to be home is that when we were away, I  felt super anxious a lot of the time. I couldn’t have felt more outside of my comfort zone. On most days, I experienced a panic attack – or two. If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, you can imagine how not fun that was. If you haven’t, just know that everyday I experienced very high levels of anxiety that often seemed to come “out of nowhere” and that felt very effortful to manage.

By the second day we were in China, instead of just getting all flustered and annoyed at what was happening, I decided to take a step back and ask myself WHY this was happening. Because after all, everything that happens to us carries with it a lesson, a blessing, or both. So instead of focusing all of my attention on my shallow breathing or my racing thoughts, I started to do some investigating. And the answer actually came to me pretty quickly.

Let’s rewind a few weeks for me to explain the answer. I was in Costa Rica with my Freedom Mastermind sisters for one of Nisha Moodley’s epic retreats. One of the exercises we did was to describe what we craved most in our lives. Then Nisha offered each of us an intention to carry with us moving forward. Mine? To feel more secure within myself.

AH yes, so of course I was experiencing all of this anxiety. This was the perfect opportunity for me to practice feeling more secure within myself and to show myself that, even in the throes of a panic attack, I can find security within myself. A challenge indeed, but such a blessing too. So I did just that. I did whatever I could think of to feel more secure and safer within myself, my body, and my circumstances.

Which then lead me to start thinking about how, whether you suffer from panic attacks or not, we all experience some level of anxiety as entrepreneurs. Whether around money (how am I going to pay next month’s rent?) or time (how is it 5pm already, and I’ve got nothing on my to-do list done!) or “competition” (she seems to be doing everything perfectly and I’m such a mess), fear seems to show up quite a lot for us entrepreneurs.

And when fear strikes, you often need a Mary Poppins bag full of resources to help you move forward. Because what happens a lot of the time to too many of us is that when fear strikes, we stop. We get stuck. We freak out. We go into overwhelm mode and don’t do anything about it. We just sit and stare and dwell on how stuck we feel. Now of course, we eventually get back up, dust off our yoga pants and move on with our business. But sometimes, we’ve waited so long that, in the meanwhile, we’ve missed opportunities, we’ve lost potential clients, and while we’re standing up again, we still feel pretty defeated.

Well, I say that it’s time for all of this to be part of your past! To help you, I’ve written a list of 10 things for you to do when you may find yourself in freak out mode yet again.

1. Tap it out. EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique) has been a serious game changer for me. I’ve bought books on it, but the best resources I’ve found are online. My fav go-to EFT guru is Brad Yates. Just google him and whatever you want to work on, and he’ll have a video on it. AND if you don’t know what EFT is, here’s some more info on it.

2. Breathe it out. Ah, deep breathing. Works every time. You can’t take deep breaths AND feel anxiety at the same time. It’s scientifically impossible. Sit, close your eyes, and breathe until you feel more grounded and centered in yourself again.

3. Talk it out. Whether the talking is to your significant other, your best friend, your coach or your therapist, talking out what’s going on in your mind is so so helpful because you no longer feel like you’re carrying the burden of your anxiety alone. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I think it takes a village to take care of a person. Let people help you. We all need help, and “we” includes you.

4. Journal it out. I heart me some journals. I’ve been journalling since high school, so I’m going on a good 15 years or so of writing my feelings out on paper. For some people, this comes as second nature. For others, not so much. Either way, I invite you to explore adding this to your toolkit of calm and ease. Moving whatever is floating around in your head onto paper can truly do wonders.

5. App it out. I am obsessed with iPhone apps. Wildly obsessed. Why? Because there are so many good ones! In fact, I have a whole page on my iPhone JUST for relaxation/manifestation/meditation apps. No joke. Here’s a pic if you need any suggestions of which ones to download.

6. Walk it out. The power of a good walk. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is a quick and easy way for you to feel better fast. Grab your headphones, your fav playlist or podcast, and walk off all of that nervous energy.

7. Play it out. Do something fun! I recommend you write a fun list before your next moment of nervousness so that you already have some ideas in your back pocket. Doing something fun helps because it forces you to focus on something new. And distraction sometimes is the way to go when other things don’t seem to be working.

8. Hug it out. Have I told you yet about oxy hugs? So recently, Gena and I read somewhere that when a hug lasts over 20 seconds, it releases oxytocin in both you and the other person. So now, we make it a point to give each other oxy hugs multiple times a day. Among many other things, oxytocin reduces stress and increases bonding.

9. Laugh it out. You can’t be laughing hysterically and in panic mode at the same time. Again, scientifically impossible. Whether you want to watch the latest baby-has-food-all-over-her-face YouTube video or your fav episode of How I Met Your Mother, laughing can really be the best medicine.

10. Dance it out. Who doesn’t like a good dance party? Give yourself 5 minutes of jamming out to your fav song and I promise you’ll feel better. Dancing releases energy and music uplifts you. It’s the perfect combo.

Another thing that totally helps when it comes to managing and preventing anxiety is being organized. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m in the midst of creating an awesome program, called The Organized Entrepreneur, to help entrepreneurs organize the many aspects of their business. To help me create a program that will help as many people as possible, I would love YOUR input. Would you please complete this super short form? (its only one question – and will take you 15 seconds to complete) I’m so appreciative of your support as you’ll be helping me help so many more people!

I’m so excited to help add simplicity, organization, and ease to your business and life.

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How to overcome the “not enough time” trap

How to overcome the “not enough time” trap

When’s the last time you felt like you didn’t have “enough time” to get it all done? Was it yesterday? Today? This very moment? 

Whenever it may have been, I hear you – and better yet, I got your back.

I’ve always been pretty organized about my time, but recently, I’ve really had to step it up – a lot. Gena and I have been traveling so much that time has become all the more precious. The funny thing is that the less time I feel like I have, the more I end up getting done. There’s something about having deadlines and boundaries that suddenly pushes you to work more efficiently, up your focus, and truly commit to getting you to-do list done.

With that in mind, here are my top 5 secrets to getting things done when you feel like time is really of the essence. 

1. Set a timer. As always, simplicity and success go hand in hand. There’s something about feeling like you’re “racing against the clock” that’s going to push you to work more quickly and efficiently. Whatever it is you’re working on now that you want to accomplish, decide on how long you feel like it should take you, grab your iPhone (or anything with a timer), set the clock, and go. I know that the minute the clock starts ticking, I suddenly get into “go mode” and distractions no longer get in my way.

2. Choose a juicy incentive. There’s nothing like giving yourself something to look forward to to push you to take action fast. Are you stalling on writing a blog post? Have you been avoiding your email inbox like the plague? Give yourself something super exciting to look forward to once you check that task off your list. The juicier the incentive, the more quickly you’ll work to getting it done asap.

3. Make plans. You know how the day you leave for a trip, you suddenly – and seemingly magically – get all of this “stuff” done that has been on your to-do list forever? As with #1, there’s magic in having a deadline – self-imposed or otherwise. Leave less white space on your calendar and even though it may seem counterintuitive, you will get more done in the space that remains.

4. Share your commitment. When you let other people know that you’re committed to getting something done, it makes you all the more likely to actually do it. Just yesterday on Facebook, I spontaneously invited people to participate in a “Get It Done Hour” – people said what they were going to get done over the next hour and then I checked back in with them 60 minutes later. There’s power in having other people hold you accountable.

5. Don’t do it. Enter delegating and outsourcing – two of my most favorite words. Whether you enlist a friend, an assistant or a company to do something for you, handing tasks off to other people can be one of the most efficient and empowering ways to get more stuff done.

With the launch of The Organized Entrepreneur, and The Organized Entrepreneur Community, I’ve also decided to create The Ultimate Organized Entrepreneur, a program for the entrepreneur who is sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed by her schedule, her to-do lists, and never feeling like there is enough time in the day.

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee that within 90 days, you’ll feel calm and in control of your time, and free from to-do list overwhelm. Being that I’m giving 110% to each person who signs up, I’m only accepting 10 people. Two spots have already been filled. You can find out more here:

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How to manifest anything you want with ease?

How to manifest anything you want with ease?

Of magic and miracles. It just sounds beyond delicious, right? Who wants more magic? Me please! Miracles? Me again please! I’ve been knee deep in learning, exploring and experiencing the art and true amazingness of manifesting what I want.

A few days ago I woke up and really thought about where I was a year ago that day.What’s funny about it, is that on that day in particular, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but even amidst all of that, I felt called to reflect upon the difference 365 days has made.

And let me tell you – a difference indeed they’ve made. 

May 2013: very single and recently out of a very heavy relationship
May 2014: in a relationship that has exceeded any expectation I’ve ever had of one

May 2013: living in a studio (albeit adorable and cozy) alone with no natural light
May 2014: living in a luxury building with Gena in an apartment with epic views and more natural light than I know what to do with

May 2013: craving a community of sister entrepreneurs like whoa
May 2014: feel super close with quality NYC-based women business owners + part of Nisha Moodley’s Freedom Mastermind

May 2013: didn’t feel totally aligned with my business
May 2014: feel hugely aligned with my business and clear on next steps

Of course, there are things that haven’t changed that much, things that are still very much in progress, and other things that have, dare I say, regressed. But still, if someone said to me in May 2013 that my life would look like it does now in May 2014, I would have thought they had lost their mind – why? because I NEVER would have believed that some of these things would have ever been possible – especially in such a short amount of time.

So here’s my super simple recipe to easy breezy manifesting: 

1. Know what you want – the clearer the better. And better yet, write it down on paper somewhere. You don’t need to look at it all day, or even everyday. But be sure to (a) know what you want (b) write it down on paper.

2. Chill out. I am so not good at this. Maybe it’s the native New Yorker in me or it’s just not one of my personal strengths, but chilling out is not something that comes naturally to me. It’s actually something I need to work on every single day. Yes, I need to work hard to chill out. Life’s little ironies.

3. Surrender. This doesn’t mean to stop wanting what you want. Still want it, but don’t be in a mindset of needing it. Approach it with a “wouldn’t it be so awesomely super cool if….” mindset. Feel excited, not desperate.

4. Live life as though what you want is a sure thing. Again, it’s a sure thing because you want it – not because you need it. So what do you need to do to prepare for 5 more clients? Have more money in the bank? Have a more relaxed schedule? What are the steps you can start taking today to bring you closer to being ready for your impending new reality?

So tell me – what are you currently manifesting? And what steps are you taking to prep for it’s impending arrival? Feel free to respond to this email and let me know. I’d love to hear what kinds of magic and miracles are on their way to you.

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How to stay organized when you’re in mega hustle mode

How to stay organized when you’re in mega hustle mode

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Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to the good stuff.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been in MEGA hustle mode. And when I say that, what I essentially mean is that I’ve been uber-focused, massively productive, and committed to completing certain things no matter what. The thing about hustle-mode is that when you’re that focused, many things can fall to the wayside – organization being one of them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some super simple ways to make sure that you still accomplish a ton without creating wild chaos in your space, business, and life. 

1. Keep everything on one to-do list. It can be really easy to accumulate 13 different to-do lists – some in notebooks, a bunch in email, others on post-its – you get the picture. No more multiple to-do lists! Keep everything in one place so that you’re super clear of everything that needs to get done without wondering whether you’re missing anything.

2. Plan the next day the night before. There’s something very relaxing about planning the next day the night before. The hustle and bustle of the day has ended and now you have some space to be deliberate about how you want tomorrow to go. Map out your must-do’s and figure out how long you think each task will take you. Then plug it in the calendar and bam, your success awaits.

3. Keep your desk clear. Cluttered desk, cluttered mind. Even if you don’t have the chance to go through all of your papers or mail, keep them in an organized and neat pile to the side. When your desk is ransacked with papers, office supplies, and who knows what else, it’s super hard to concentrate and get anything done with ease.

4. Delegate when possible. I so heart delegating. Love love love it. There are so many things on your to do list that you don’t need to be doing, and really that you shouldn’t be doing, especially when you’re in mega hustle mode. Check out Fancy Hands or Task Rabbit and cross tasks off your list within seconds.

5. Clean up at the end of the day. Spend 5-10 minutes at the end of your day just cleaning up – put clothing that’s hanging around in the laundry, straighten up your desk area, erase any remaining junk emails. Those 5-10 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but when you add them up each day, they will really make a huge difference.

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