How to clean vinyl plank floors in just one hour?

How to clean vinyl plank floors in just one hour?

Best Vacuums for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

A robot vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors is limited to the floor, although you can program it so that floors are spotless with minimal effort. Most models have a high-efficiency filter, which does the same function as a HEPA filter, without being technically so.

Another option is cordless vacuums for luxury vinyl plank floors. Because in these vacuum cleaners, the cord did not disturb you while cleaning the floor. You can easily clean every spot of the floor and no corner will be left when using these vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors is a very efficient way, but there is something wrong with it!

If it is not comfortable for you, it does not matter if it is powerful, or that it has many accessories.

It is key that the vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors adapts to the person or people who are going to use it.

  • Why does an older person want a robot with the most advanced app if they don’t know how to use it?
  • Have you ever thought that an upright vacuum can be too heavy for your mother?
  • Why buy a corded vacuum cleaner if you never have the time (or the desire) to take it out of the closet?
  • If cleaning the filters is complicated, it is enough to make you lazy to take them out and put them back

Too heavy a vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

There are vacuum cleaners that are much heavier than others, and that to go up and downstairs is not the best option if you do not have enough strength.

best vacuums for vinyl plank floors

If you have arthritis or any injury that prevents you from lifting, a robot vacuum is the best vacuums for vinyl plank floors because it does everything by itself.

Cleaning the filters is complicated, unhygienic, and must be done frequently

When the vacuum cleaner is well designed, the filters are easy to clean, and the tank does not need to be disassembled. In addition, they tend to be more efficient in the filtering stages: you don’t have to clean them every time you use them.

At the opposite extreme are those that force you to touch the dirt, which you practically have to wash after each use if you want the vacuum cleaner not to lose power every day.

The worst thing is having to disassemble the tank and remove various parts that must be washed and cleaned by hand. Not only do you waste time, but you end up breathing in the dust that was on the ground.

If cleaning or washing filters bothers you, you might want to invest a little more in the vacuum cleaner.

best vacuums for vinyl plank floors

The battery life of these vacuum cleaners is very short for the cleaning of for luxury vinyl plank floors. You cannot complete all the rooms at one time.

With the autonomy of a vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors, it is the same as with power. The data that you are going to see in the description of the product is always the most flattering.

Battery-powered is not exactly an advantage for many cordless vacuum cleaners and robots.

  • Why does the battery last so short?
  • Is the manufacturer cheating you with those 60 minutes it promised?
  • What factors influence the autonomy of a cordless vacuum cleaner?

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